ICS Chartr 200 VNG and Air Caloric System by Otometrics

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We are delighted to offer this amazing VNG/Caloric kit for sale in a very good condition.

ICS Chartr 200

ICS Chartr 200 provides you with a complete VNG testing and ENG testing solution based on years of practical experience. We work closely with leading balance experts to ensure the ease of use and accurate balance test results.

Whether you choose Videonystagmography (VNG) or Electronystagmography (ENG), you will benefit from a complete, portable, easy-to-use system that delivers:

  • Complete test battery including saccades, pursuit, optokinetics, gaze, static positional, Dix-Hallpike, calorics and other specialized balance tests.
  • Precise, accurate data collection with dedicated hardware and data synchronization
  • High portability with compact hardware and a lightweight light bar

More info: https://otometrics.natus.com/products-services/ics-chartr-200

ICS Air Caloric Machine:

Irrigation with the ICS Aircal provides a modern choice for gold standard caloric irrigation. It combines the convenience and patient-comfort of air with the precision of water irrigation so you can do caloric testing with confidence. With no water, the entire irrigation process is easier for you and more pleasant for your patient.


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