Vorotek Oscope: NEW



REVOLUTION IN EARCANAL VISUALISATION: Vorotek Oscope is a true binocular system to visual narrow cavities such as earcanal for appropriate depth perception. The numerous technical features of the Vorotek Oscope make difficult tasks less difficult, quicker, and safer.

IDEAL FOR ENT SURGEONS: For ventilation Tube Insertion, foreign body removal, wax management, use with children, hospital and clinic use

IDEAL FOR AUDIOLOGISTS: For earwax removal, deep canal fittings (e.g. Lyric devices), dome removal, earmolds, use with children

The Oscope is a portable ear canal visualisation solution with 3-dioptre magnification and adjustable IPD (inter-pupillary distance). It offers true binocular image of the narrow ear canal cavity with its convergence optics (similar to microscopes). Therefore, it achieves an excellent depth perception in the era canal, allowing for optimum patient outcome. It is not possible to achieve this level of depth perception using traditional loupes as only the dominant eye looking in the ear canal will form an image (therefore, the image is largely monocular).

The Vorotek O Scope is the successor to the original Voroscope and industry-leading LumiView head-worn microscope. It is hands-free and portable, providing brilliant LED illumination. Binocular vision allows both eyes to work together naturally, providing accurate depth perception in the ear, nose and throat.

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