O Scope Order Form

//O Scope Order Form

O Scope Order Form

O Scope is truly a revolutionary product. More than 90% of ENT Surgeons and an increasing number of audiologists use it in Australia. I have been using it personally for earwax suction for a while and can never go back to the loupes again. After using a surgical microscope for earcare, I was completely frustrated with anything else that I tried for portable options of earcare. That is how I came across O Scope, which changed my practice for good.

Vorotek O Scope 3-dioptre model with adjustable IPD is available in headband (product code 78483 or specframe (product code 78482) models. The pack includes:

  • Latest model 3 dioptre Vorotek O Scope headband or specs frame
  • 10-hour power pack
  • Charger/direct mains power supply
  • A dedicated carry case for extra protection

Headband is ideal for sharing and Specframe is ideal for individuals. Here’s the setup video for headband and the setup video for specframe for you to have a look. More info on its convergence optics is here. We have also created an FAQ post from the feedback from our customers, which you may find helpful.

The current price for one O Scope is £1195 +VAT. We were meant to be increasing the price in April but did not do it due to the pandemic. Furthermore, we have also extended our free shipping offer to UK mainland as well for a limited time.


  • Vorotek O Scopes- 3 years for any component defect or manufacturing failure.
  • Battery pack- 18 months for any component defect or manufacturing failure.

Please use the below order form to order yours:

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About the Author:

Jay Jindal is a highly qualified independent audiologist, specialising in hearing care for both children and adults, auditory processing disorders, balance & dizziness and tinnitus management. He is also an expert in loud music or noise related hearing issues and has written several articles on how to protect hearing from loud music. His clinics are in London, Surrey, and Kent (Orpington, Sevenoaks, and Royal Tunbridge Wells) Jay is also professional development consultant and speaks on various audiology related topics at national and international events. He regulalrly organises world class paediatric and adult audiology events with speakers from all over the world via www.audiologyplanet.com Jay has worked at most of the speciality and super-speciality hospitals in London including, Guy’s and St Thomas’, Great Ormond Street, Royal National, Charing Cross and St George’s Hospital; and Harley Street, London Bridge and the Wellington Hospitals. As a recognition of his audiological expertise, he was awarded ‘audiologist of the year’ by an independent charity called Kent Deaf Children’s Society in 2013. Jay has worked with several national audiology professional bodies, which has an influence on how the hearing healthcare services are provided in United Kingdom. He is a member of regulatory body’s (Health and Care Professional Council) fitness-to-practice panel formulated to investigate the malpractices of hearing aid audiologists. Jay has many research publications to his credit, which are published in peer reviewed international journals. He is often invited to speak in national and international audiology events

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