May is BETTER HEARING month!

//May is BETTER HEARING month!

May is BETTER HEARING month!

Ear and eye health is intricately linked with our brain health. There is ample evidence that taking care of hearing and vision, helps us to keep our brain healthy.
The hearing technology has improved tremendously in last 2-3 years. Modern hearing instruments have embraced the latest advances in electronics like never before.
Today’s hearing devices provide much better speech understanding in noisy environment than any time before. They do not whistle and look ‘sexy’.
Most hearing devices have rechargeable batteries that last up to 25 hours, super-fast computer chips to process the sounds at unprecedented speed, and improved microphones and speakers to give perfect sound to the ears. And that’s all without any effort from the wearer. It is all set from the computer by a qualified audiologist. Technology is your slave, not the master. It works for you intuitively.
For the users who want this facility, contemporary hearing devices seamlessly connect with Apple and Android phones and tablets to stream music and calls. Wearers can use special smartphone applications to control various features of the hearing instruments and stream music directly like a Bluetooth headset. They can remember the adjustments you make at a particular location e.g. your favourite restaurant or golf course, and automatically change the settings as soon as you are there. You can find the instruments via your smartphone GPS tracking system.
And much more….
So, don’t get put off by what you know, have seen, or experienced with the hearing technology of the past. Embrace the future. It is easy, convenient, and effective.
Wish you all a great better hearing journey!
You are entitled to get the help free at point of service with the NHS. In most areas, NHS service can be accessed via GP. Some postcodes are eligible for self-referral to an NHS audiology department. Contact your GP today to get more information. There are private audiology clinics available all around the country, regulated by Health and Care Professions Council. There are national providers who have a chain of clinics and independent providers. A recent Which? Survey showed that customers were satisfied with most providers although Independent providers excelled in providing hearing care in customer satisfaction across various different categories.
Audiology Planet is an Independent provider of ear, hearing, and balance care. We provide full range of audiology service to babies, children, and adults including earwax removal, hearing care, auditory processing, dizziness, and tinnitus management. If you would like to choose us as the partner of your better hearing journey, please contact the office at P0330 2233 453, 07543664692 or email us at You can book an appointment online below

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Jay Jindal is a highly qualified independent audiologist, specialising in hearing care for both children and adults, auditory processing disorders, balance & dizziness and tinnitus management. He is also an expert in loud music or noise related hearing issues and has written several articles on how to protect hearing from loud music. His clinics are in London, Surrey, and Kent (Orpington, Sevenoaks, and Royal Tunbridge Wells) Jay is also professional development consultant and speaks on various audiology related topics at national and international events. He regulalrly organises world class paediatric and adult audiology events with speakers from all over the world via Jay has worked at most of the speciality and super-speciality hospitals in London including, Guy’s and St Thomas’, Great Ormond Street, Royal National, Charing Cross and St George’s Hospital; and Harley Street, London Bridge and the Wellington Hospitals. As a recognition of his audiological expertise, he was awarded ‘audiologist of the year’ by an independent charity called Kent Deaf Children’s Society in 2013. Jay has worked with several national audiology professional bodies, which has an influence on how the hearing healthcare services are provided in United Kingdom. He is a member of regulatory body’s (Health and Care Professional Council) fitness-to-practice panel formulated to investigate the malpractices of hearing aid audiologists. Jay has many research publications to his credit, which are published in peer reviewed international journals. He is often invited to speak in national and international audiology events

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