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Our Hearing Care Package is Customised to Suit Your Hearing World

Our Hearing Care Package is Customised to Suit Your Hearing World


We provide the best and most comprehensive Hearing Care Package that is designed to give you as natural sounds of life, as possible. All aspect of hearing care involve considerable science and art, particularly in designing the Hearing Care Package to suit individual needs. Our Consultant audiologist has a doctorate degree in audiology and over 12 years of experience in NHS and private hearing and balance healthcare.

The hearing is such an interpersonal sense. We all use it differently to connect with our world. There is no one size that fits all and that is why we spend a considerable time and energy to individualise the package to address your own preferences. We feel particularly passionate about making sure that you get the best solution that makes your hearing world much more enjoyable than it is. Therefore, our Hearing Care Package has a number of components:

Through advanced examinations, we create a map of your hearing system right up to the brain, to help us help you with your hearing

-A comprehensive initial assessment: This is performed to collect the evidence about your hearing ability so that we can recommend the best solution for you. We use the very latest procedure to perform an initial assessment. This generally includes a thorough audiological evaluation using techniques knows as pure tone audiometry, speech in noise testing, tympanometry, acoustic reflex testing, otoacoustic emission testing etc. This maps the health of your hearing system right up to the brain. We can only decipher the meaning of the sounds if our brain is able to process them appropriately. Therefore, it is important to understand the functionality of various constituents of your hearing system from ear to the brain, before we can offer you a Hearing Care Package. Having a conversation about your own hearing world is also an integral part of this assessment and so are a couple of structured questionnaires

We use science to prescribe the hearing devices, not just the gut-instincts. This requires state-of-art equipment and advanced knowledge of audiology.

-Prescription of the device/s: Once the information on your hearing is available, we can move on to recommend you a few solutions. Hearing devices of today, come in all shapes and sizes. They are also cosmetically much more appealing and technologically much more advanced than what they used to be in the past. Therefore, it needs a certain level of skill-set to make sure they are fitted well and are tuned to your own hearing. All the advanced features of the hearing devices have to customise to your hearing ability. It requires a great deal of knowledge and experience to get it right. The most important part of the hearing device fitting is the prescription of amplification (volume) at different tones, according to how you hear. To maximise the benefit from the devices we need to make sure you get the right quantity and quality of the sound getting into the ears with the hearing devices. For this reason, we use state-of-art equipment to verify the prescribed amplification in your own ears, via a well-defined process known as probe microphone measurements. The alternative to do this is to fit the devices on the basis of gut instinct. We chose science over that. This is the best practice guidance, which is recommended in the UK, US, and Australia but unfortunately, not everyone in the sector follows it.

Hearing devices are just the beginning of your hearing journey. Your hearing health consultant makes sure this journey is a pleasant one.

-Professional aftercare: Getting the hearing devices is just the start of your better hearing journey. Having a great start always helps in having a better outcome. However, we do not like to leave things to chance. Therefore, you receive an industry standard aftercare, which is individualised to your own convenience. Apart from using various clinical tools to find out how we can help you, we let you guide us how you would like to receive help. If you have a need to see your audiologist, you see your audiologist without delay. We utilise all form of communications ranging from phone, emails, video-chat, face-to-face appointments and even youtube videos to help you with your hearing care. Some of the modern hearing instruments can now be fine-tuned via special apps on the phone, remotely over the internet. So, if you are a busy professional, you can opt for that technology. Equally, you can meet face-to-face as many times as you like. Depending on how you are getting on, we may also recommend using some specific audiology tools to help enhance your listening skills to get the best out of your hearing. And, there is a lot more…

Choice of Technology:

The technology levels are akin to phone models e.g. you can buy an iPhone  7, 8 or ‘X’. They all do the same job i.e. make and receive calls/emails but you get more advanced technology and features with more advanced models. Same is true for the hearing devices. You can get hearing devices that are connected to the internet of things and can take voice instructions to turn on your internet connected boiler heating etc.

So, most hearing devices will do the basic job well i.e. providing you a better hearing. They have a computer processor, which is programmed by the audiologist to gather mainly the meaningful bits of the sounds around you, rejecting the noisy ones. It enhances the pitches and then feeds the sound into your ear. The process of enhancement is dependent upon the type of technology used. Higher the technology, more efficient is the process of enhancement of sound. This means that some of the more advanced features are more efficient in the higher level of technology. This includes reducing the amount of noise around you, special speech processing strategies, and perception of music etc.

On an average, most people will get a reasonable benefit with the mid to high-level technology (the package starts from £2850 for a pair). However, if you are the kind of person who wants only the best in life. If you happen to buy a new model of the car when it comes in the market even though the old one is up and running; if you buy the latest phone even when the old one is working- you would want to opt for the premium technology. Premium range is made up of the best technology available in the world. However, if you are happy to have the next best thing- mid to high range will work fine.

All our hearing devices are digital and fully-programmable. The digital hearing technology offers sophisticated features that were non-existent a few years ago, enhancing your hearing with a natural sound. Some of these features are:

  • wireless and invisible hearing devices that can be connected to iPhone and Android apps
  • a sophisticated background noise cancellation system
  • an advanced system to cancel the whistling noise coming from hearing devices
  • directional microphone/s
  • automatic volume control that amplifies your ability to hear speech in noisy situations (like pubs and restaurants) while providing you with comfortable and clear sound in the ear
  • and much more…….


The fee is charged for the complete Hearing Care Package (and not for the devices alone). It includes the fees for assessment, prescription of the device, and the professional after-care package. The after-care package can be for 2 or 3 years after the prescription. The range of the package starts from £1650 a pair and goes up to around £4500 for a pair with a professional service contract for up to 3 years. Mid to high range of the devices start from £2850 for a pair. Professional fees make the major element of the overall cost of the package.

Personal Medical Loan:

Private hearing healthcare may be more affordable than you think, with a low-cost medical loan. Particularly at our clinic at Nuffield Health Tunbridge Wells,  Zebra Health Finance, a finance provider, offers you a different way to cover the costs of your Hearing Care Package so enabling you to go ahead with the highest quality hearing care without a delay or worrying about payment.

Representative Example: Amount Of Credit £3,500.00. Total Amount Repayable £3,500.00 Repayable by 10 payments of £350.00. Interest rate 0.00% (fixed). Representative 0.0% APR (fixed). *Example based on a medical procedure costing £3,500.00 repayable over 10 months. Other Terms and Conditions apply. Acceptance subject to credit status.*

Click here to visit Nuffield Health’s website for more information.

Hassle Free Return Period:

All the devices come with a completely hassle-free, 28 days return period for the refund of the initial fees minus an admin charge. You do not have to tell us why you are returning the devices. As long as they are not damaged, we will refund the remaining fees back to you. The admin charges are usually £250-350. This is explained clearly on the invoice with the last date of return.

Note that we are registered with most of the health insurance companies as a provider. If you are covered by a private health insurance and have a pre-authorisation for your audiology appointment, we will send a separate invoice for assessment part of the Hearing Care Package to your insurer. Any amount paid by the health insurer is subtracted from the fees for the Hearing Care Package or admin charge (should you return the devices back to us).


If you are either not satisfied with your existing hearing aid or looking for a better aftercare- we will be more than happy to offer you an appropriate solution. We may be able to fine-tuning and service your existing hearing devices, prescribed by other providers.


Our Services are currently available at the following places: Sevenoaks (The Private GP Clinic and, Springbank Clinic),  Nuffield Health in Tunbridge Wells, BMI Chelsfield Park Hospital in Orpington, and Harley Street in London

*Book an appointment today for an informal chat or formal assessment. Call now at 0330 2233 453 (voicemail facility available) or email (info@audiologyplanet.com) for a free, no obligation hearing screening* Please check our website for reviews and recommendations from our growing, satisfied clientele.