5 Day-The Ultimate Paediatric Audiology Course



This five day course includes:

  1. a two-day infant ABR training on 1st-2nd July 2019
  2. a two-day long paediatric assessment and hearing instrument verification/validation practical workshop on 3rd-4th July 2019
  3. a one-day workshop on holstic approach to paediatric amplification


Individual days are bookable.


– Our most popular and successful annual course
– World renowned faculty
– Suitable for paediatric audiologists of all levels
– Plenty of practical elements to help you to evolve your own clinical practice and confidence
– Pre and post course webinar and mentorship for ongoing expert support

Who is this event relevant for? (Practioner level)

-Paediatric audiologists of all levels of experience who are motivated to increase their clinical remit
-May also be relevant to other professionals involved in the care of children with compromised hearing function

Planned Presenters:

1. Dr Josephine Marriage, Ph.D.
2. Professor Susan Scollie, Ph.D.
3. Dr Veronica Kennedy
4. Jason Smalley
5. Dr Jay Jindal, Au.D. FSHAA


The Ultimate Paediatric Audiology Course
When: 1st to 5th July 2019
Where: Greenwich University, London

This popular and successful paediatric course will cover infant ABR training (1st and 2nd July) and paediatric hearing habilitation (3rd to 5th July) with national and international experts delivering the content. We have two new days to cover objective assessments used with cases referred from the newborn hearing screening programme (NHSP). These days are focussed on auditory brainstem response (ABR) testing and the interpretation of traces and on recording and interpreting diagnostic otoacoustic emissions (OAE). This component is followed by behavioural testing using visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA) including carrying out peer review of practical testing. This is followed by theory and practice in the process of verification and validation of amplification for babies and children with hearing loss. Our main speakers include Professor Susan Scollie, Dr Josephine Marriage, Dr Veronica Kennedy, Jason Smalley, Dr Jay Jindal. There is the option of ongoing mentorship around clinical practice needs. Individual days are bookable within the course content. For more information, contact Dr Jay Jindal at E: info@audiologyplanet.com; P: 0330 2233 453; or visit www.audiologyplanet.com/education for full range of hearing and earwax removal related courses.

ABR and electrophysiological testing: 1st and 2nd July 2019:

This intensive ABR training will last two days and has theory and practical elements. These are designed to be appropriate for anyone who would like to start performing ABR assessments in babies. It is also suitable for someone who has been performing electrophysiological assessment for some time but would like to refresh their knowledge of basic and advanced principles of ABR testing.

The ABR course includes a two-hour pre-course webinar and two-day face to face training. However, we recognise that the two-day training can only provide basic competency in ABR testing, so there is an option of ongoing support to help develop ABR testing and interpretation of results in the clinic. This includes review of your ABR traces and mentorship for up to six months after the course attendance.

Paediatric Habilitation: 3rd-5th July 2019

This 3-day paediatric audiology course is our most popular annual course. We aim to cover the main aspects of advanced care in paediatric audiology to build skills and confidence in assessment and fitting of hearing instruments to children.

Key discussion points:

  • On 3rd July, Dr Jay Jindal, Au.D. and Dr Josephine Marriage, Ph.D. cover fundamental topics in paediatric assessment, including practical recording of otoacoustic emissions, visual reinforcement audiometry, using demonstrations with videos. The importance of the VRA peer review process will also be covered along with aided and unaided speech audiometry
  • On 4th July, Professor Susan Scollie will be delivering lectures on optimising hearing aid amplification via verification and validation of hearing devices. She will also conduct a hands-on practical workshop on RECD and other verification strategies.
  • On 5th July, we will cover a range of additional issues relating to providing child and family-centred care for children with impaired hearing function with professionals developing evidence-based practice in their fields.

Intended Learning Outcomes (benefit to delegate/services):

Delegates will learn about

• Understanding the recommended parameters and recording set up for newborn ABRs
• Listing steps in performing a newborn ABR with air and bone conduction transducers
• Patient preparation and data collection for ABRs
• Troubleshooting noise and artefacts in ABR traces
• Performing masking in ABR
• Cochlear microphonics for auditory neuropathy diagnosis
• Developing an effective ABR strategy for NHSP referrals
• Physiological and behavioural hearing assessment of children
• Setting up peer-review process for visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA)
• Theory and practical of verification (RECD/REM) of paediatric hearing aid fittings.
• Validation measures using LittlEars and Peach
• Scientific principles of child and family centred care in hearing habilitation
• Aetiology of childhood hearing loss
• Tinnitus and hyperacusis in children
• Sensory development and speech and language development in hearing impaired children
• Technology and support services available for children with compromised hearing function
• Aided cortical testing in infants and older children


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01-July-2019 - 05-July-2019
9:00 am - 6:00 pm



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