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We provide a comprehensive care package that is tailor-made, affordable, and independent. Hearing devices are just one part of your better hearing  journey.


Earwax may cause irritation, itching, tinnitus and hearing loss. We use latest and safest technique (micro-suction) to remove earwax for children and adults.


Auditory processing disorders cause specific issues in hearing in noise or remembering instructions. We offer an APD diagnosis and management service.


This service includes assessment and management of  balance & dizziness issues using the latest, state-of-art technology; and prevention of falls in elderly.  


This service includes assessment and management of babies and older children with hearing issues, using a family friendly and child centred approach

Jay has clinics at various sites in Kent to provide clinical audiology services for hearing and balance disorders, and ear protection consultancy.

With his training and vast experience, Jay has helped a large number of clients with the care and compassion everybody deserves. This includes people with hearing and balance impairment in all age groups. In fact, the youngest person he saw for a hearing assessment and hearing aid prescription was a two weeks old little baby. The oldest person he has seen, was a 106 years old former boxer. He considers it a privilege to be able to work with such a vast age-group.

Jay has a degree in speech therapy as well. This gives him a clear advantage in understanding the communication issues that can arise irrespective of hearing. For example, he once identified a gentleman with comprehension problem known as ‘receptive aphasia’. This client was deemed to be a poor user of hearing aid as he was not able to understand the family, despite having two hearing devices.

On another occasion, he identified a specific issue known as ‘wide vestibular aqueduct’ in a school age girl that can cause fluctuating hearing loss. This young lady was believed to be ‘making up’ her hearing loss when she presented with different hearing levels on successive tests.

Following clinical services are offered:


Appointments are available at all clinics throughout the week and some time on evening and weekends. We make every effort to offer an appointment at a convenient time. Should you need further information, please contact us now: P: 0330 2233 453, 07543664692; E: or via the below form