Use of new cheap wearable fitness tracker in audiology!

The advances in new wearable fitness trackers open up a world of possibilities in healthcare. I strongly feel that the fitness tracking technology is the next big thing in the world of electronic gadgets and will provide much more integration with other gadgets around in near future. Some hearing aids can already, seamlessly connect with the [...]

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Dizziness and Balance Problems

Dizziness and balance problems can happen in any age group. Some children are born without a healthy balance system and have walking and other developmental issues in early childhood. Equally, our body's balance system does not get any healthier as we grow older. There are some specific issues that occur in people who are over [...]

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Info on Auditory Processing Disorders

Summary: If you feel your general hearing is good but you suffer from understanding communication in noisy environment or understanding people with different accents, you may be suffering from auditory processing disorders (APD). It happens in children and adults alike. APD can also affect the way brain remembers complex information so, the sufferers may have [...]

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Tinnitus! Ringing in the ears!

WHAT IS TINNITUS Human body is a extremely noisy place inside. For example, research on pregnant women tells us that unborn babies are in an environment as noisy as some of the heavy industries. When the researchers put a hydrophone (a special mic that works in water) near the foetus, they found the noise levels [...]

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Worried about earwax build up? Know this!

WHAT IS IT Earwax is formed by all healthy normal functioning ear canals. It is produced by glands that line the ear canal. Each of us inherit the genes, which mostly govern how much and what type of ear wax we will produce. Most people have either wet, sticky yellowish or dark  brown earwax or [...]

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Turn down the volume of your music player!

Turn down the volume of your music player! Listening to loud music is proving to be one of the biggest man made cause of hearing loss. Too many young people are losing their hearing too quickly due to loud music from their ear phones. With the exponential increase in smartphone sales across the globe, two [...]

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