Binaural interference: Are two ears always better than one? 
The short answer is almost always yes when hearing is normal in both ears. However, when one ear is affected by an ear or hearing condition, it may not be as staright forward. Consequently, audiologists have to be consicous of ear conditions that may imply that giving […]

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Why Pay For Your Hearing Appointment When Free Tests Are Available?

I am sometimes asked why my initial appointments for hearing assessment are up to 90 minutes long and why do I charge a fee for these appointments when some of the competitors do it for free. I thought I will write this post to justify the use of the time and evaluation to make it […]

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Battery ingestion: what do the audiologists need to know?

What will you do if a client reports to you that they have swallowed a battery by mistake? Presented here is a discussion on the topic and a case report of a 71-year-old hearing device user who swallowed a battery mistakenly.



With the advent of increasing number of devices that use batteries, the incidence of the […]

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Audiology Instrument Review: Inventis Viola

This post is meant for the clinicians looking for a hands-on review of audiology equipment. The first such equipment in this series is Inventis Viola, which is a portable and compact diagnostic audiometer and tympanometer combined in one.

Inventis Viola is a portable diagnostic audiology machine that combines a neat audiometer and tympanometer package into one. It comes […]

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Using Technology to Further Help Children with Hearing Devices

This article describes how the children with hearing aids can get better results in listening to speech in noisy environment and music by using technology

Hearing technology has improved leaps and bound in last few years. Therefore, there are so many technology friendly options that can make your and your child’s life much easier listening to […]

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Guest Blog: 6 Things Parents Should Know about Children’s Hearing Loss

Audiology Planet presents you a special blog, written by Jodene Antoniou, mother of a child with hearing devices and creator of two great websites:  MyLittleEars and Capital Captions

It’s been over three years now since our son was officially diagnosed with hearing loss and fitted with his first set of hearing aids. We went through a lot of denial […]

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Live Webinar with Dr James Hall on APD Workshop

Live Webinar with Dr James Hall on APD Workshop
When: Apr 26, 2017 6:30 PM BST.
Register here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) Workshop
When: 15th-16th May 2017
Where: Greenwich, London, UK

Confirmed Speakers: Dr James Hall (America) and Dr Harvey Dillon (Australia)
For audiologists and other professionals who would […]

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Professional Development Newsletter March 2017

Audiology Planet Presents: Professional Development Newsletter. March 2017

Buzzing on Social Media:

Some great tips here: ‘Why Do I Get Dizzy During Workout Classes?’

Common questions about assessment and management of auditory processing disorder

How to fall asleep with tinnitus- great article with lot of practical tips

Hidden hearing issues- synapse loss or myline/heminode […]

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Auditory Processing Disorder: Article Based on a Recent Live Chat

‘School can be a very boring place if the child suffers from Auditory Processing Disorders’

I was recently invited to have an interactive facebook chat session on AUDITORY PROCESSING DISORDER by a dynamic Indian telecare therapy portal, 1SpecialPlace. Posting the edited chat here for Audiology Planet audience. The names are anonymised for obvious reasons.

1SpecialPlace Hello everyone. […]

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Audiology Jargons For Public

This post explains some of the comonly used terms in audiology clinics. Effort has been made to keep the language simple and easily understandable for the members of public. Suggestions and comments are welcome.


Cochlea and hair cells

Human ear is formed of three parts. Outer ear that we can see, middle ear with ear drum […]

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