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Appointment type
Clinical procedures
1. Paediatric hearing Assessment for babies 0-6 months ABR and OAE, tympanometry 2 hours £550
2. Paediatric hearing assessment for toddlers 6-36 months VRA, tympanometry 1 hour £250-350
3. Paediatric hearing assessment >3 years Play audiometry, tympanometry 60-90 minutes £180-250
4. Ear wax removal Microsuction 20-30 minutes Please contact us for more details
5. Paediatric hearing assessment-complex need ABR, OAE, VRA or play audiometry, tympanometry 1.5 hours £350 (£550 if ABR is performed)
6. Complete hearing profile for adults

NB: Hearing screening test is free of charge

Pure tone audiometry and tympanometry 30 minutes £100-£150
7. Balance assessment VNG, Caloric testing, VHIT, VEMP testing 2 hours Please contact us for more detail
8. Auditory and/or spatial processing disorder assessment (difficulty in speech understanding despite normal/near normal hearing on standard test) Routine hearing assessment, and a range of specialist non-routine, case-oriented, and evidence based assessment 1.5-2.0 hours Please contact us for more details
9. Tinnitus assessment and advice PTA, tympanometry, speech assessment and tinnitus related procedures Various Please contact us for more details
10. Hearing aid prescription- initial consultation only Full audiological assessment 1.5 hours Please contact us for more details
11. Hearing aid mould or noise, swim, sleep or music plugs Ear impression 30 minutes Please contact us for more details