Forthcoming Course:

The Paediatric Audiology Course

When: 6th and 7th June 2018 (with pre and post-course live webinars)
Where: Greenwich University, London


paediatric course 2018

     The Paediatric Audiology Course 2018

Sponsored by Otometrics UK

This highly popular Audiology Planet course features the best national and international speakers in the area of paediatric audiology, and a power-packed agenda to refine your skills to do your job. The two-day event is mainly geared at paediatric audiologists or would-be paediatric audiologists, but may also be relevant to other professionals involved in the care of children with compromised hearing function e.g. specialist teachers for hearing, paediatric otologists, audio-vestibular physicians, and specialist speech or auditory verbal therapists etc. We have put a lot of thought over the years on the content, to make sure that the agenda is clinically relevant and helpful in improving your overall Service/clinical care.

The focus of the event will be on holistic approach to paediatric amplification.  Key discussion topics will be in the following areas:

1.      On 6th June, we will have Dr Jay Jindal, Au.D. and Dr Josephine Marriage, PhD who will cover the topics in paediatric assessment, including the practical in otoacoustic emissions and visual reinforcement audiometry (demo by patient videos). VRA peer review process will also be covered along with aided and unaided speech audiometry

2.      On 7th June, Professor Susan Scollie will be delivering lectures on optimising the amplification via verification and validation of hearing devices. She will also conduct a fantastic workshop on RECD and other verification management.

We are delighted to confirm that two research audiologists from ‘Ladies in the Van’ Audiology and Research Group, University of Manchester will be visiting the course venue. This unique audiology research van is on its journey to perform aided Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials (CAEPs) to improve the lives of 200 infants with hearing problems. It will be a truly invaluable experience for the delegates to learn from their experience. They will not only show their exquisitely designed mobile hearing research van but will also demonstrate the best technique to perform CAEPs in a dedicated practical workshop slot.  We will have a pre-course webinar on the topic of CAEP to brush up your knowledge on the subject and prepare you for the practical workshop.

Additionally, we have lined up another fantastic feature for the 2018 course: we will include a post-course live webinar on some paediatric audiology topics, which will provide insights about the overall hearing habilitation process in children. Details of this webinar will be announced shortly but it is likely that we will have the topics in person-centred-care, etiology of hearing disorders, and technology & support services for children etc.

The webinars will be organised in the evenings, after work hours so that the day-job is not interrupted. They will be 2+ hours long each. However, a recording will be available for those delegates who cannot attend in the evenings.

Pre- course webinar (included in the fee): 4th June 2018 at 18.45-20.45


By Anisa Visram, PhD. Lead Research Audiologist (Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust). Honorary Research Fellow (University of Manchester)

In this webinar, we will discuss the scientific background on ‘Cortical Auditory Evoked Potential’, why are they useful for testing infants, and their clinical use. Along with this overview of current state of knowledge on Cortical testing, the delegates will also learn about the preliminary details of a current research study (the ‘Ladies in the Van’). This project is aimed at developing a routine clinical test for babies who wear hearing aids known as ‘Aided Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials’. The benefit of this new hearing test and its clinical technique will be discussed, along with the material on how it helps to ensure babies obtain maximum benefit from their hearing aids.

The course will be held at Greenwich University in London. This historic venue is on a World Heritage Site on the banks of the River Thames. The course will be held in a room that is housed by one of the three baroque buildings designed by Sir Christopher Wren at the end of the 17th century. The Independent newspaper described the campus as “more breath-taking than the Versailles of Louis XIV”.

University of Greenwich

Post- course webinar (included in the fee): 12th June 2017 at 18.45-20.45

Live Webinar on Translating Clinical Excellence into High Quality

Child and Family Centred Care

  • Supporting Children & Families with Hearing Loss
  • Etiology of childhood hearing loss
  • Technology and support services for children with compromised hearing function

Self-determination and Theory of Mind: Supporting Children & Families with Hearing Loss

Research shows that children with hearing difficulties may face unique difficulties with mastering social and emotional development in addition to the challenges related to hearing and communication.

This presentation discusses how paediatric hearing care professionals can work with the principles of self-determination and theory of mind to support the child’s development of coping skills and strategies.

Technology and support services for children with compromised hearing function

The range of assistive products and technologies available that can help deaf children and young people at school, at home or when socialising with friends is huge and growing (ranging from vibrating alarm clocks, telephone & entertainment equipment accessories, radio aids, to the latest smartphones and apps.) At the end of this presentation attendees will: understand the range of products and technologies available; recognize the needs of deaf young people for information about technology that can support them; value the impact that technology can have on the child’s development; and be able to signpost deaf young people and their families to sources of further information and advice.

We have been passionately working to keep the cost of the courses down and despite the great additional features in the 2018 course, we are offering it at a fee of £200 (exc. of VAT) per day. This is an early-bird offer and is valid only until 30/04/2018. We are committed to helping students and anyone enrolled in a full-time audiology course will be offered a straight 50% discount on the full fees. Group bookings of four or more delegates will attract a special discount too. We have had whole departments attending our courses in the past. Feel free to discuss this further with us to get a special fee provision. This course is likely to be very popular and early booking is highly recommended.

Contact details: Dr Jay Jindal Au.D. FSHAA



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