You won’t notice your hearing issues and nobody will notice your hearing aids with our tailor-made, affordable and independent hearing solutions


Earwax may cause irritation, itching, tinnitus and hearing loss. We use latest technique (micro-suction) to remove earwax for children and adults.


Auditory processing disorders cause specific issues in hearing in noise or remembering instructions. We offer an APD diagnosis and management service


Custom made plugs are for musicians and DIY work. We also make sleep plugs, swim plugs & customised ear phones (stay in the ear phones) for music listening

  • Doctorate degree in audiology with more than 10 years of experience
  • Experience of working at most of the speciality and super-speciality hospitals in London (including, Guy’s and St Thomas’, Great Ormond Street, Royal National, Charring Cross and ST George’s Hospital; and Harley Street, London Bridge and Wellington Hospitals)
  • Member of regulatory body’s (Health and Care Professional Council) fitness-to-practice panel formulated to investigate the malpractices of hearing aid audiologists
  • Professional development Consultant for British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA) to develop and maintain the professional development regime for its about 1500+ members
  • Academics: Several national and international publication. Organiser of various audiology courses. Also invited to speak on audiology topics in national and international events
  • Read a recent article in an internation publication on ‘unsafe levels of music and hearing loss’ here. Loud music is posing a threat to the hearing of over one billion young people in the world.

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  • BMI Chelsfield Park Hospital. Click here for map
  • Nuffield Tunbridge Wells Hospital Click here for map
  • The Wells Suite at Pembury Hospital Click here for map
  • Kent Institute of Medicine and Surgery in Maidstone Click here for map
  • Audiology services at Wilkinson’s opticians in Bromley Click here for map
  • Audiology services at Manor physiotherapy clinic in Sevenoaks Click here for map
  • Audiology services at The Private GP clinic in Hildenborough Click here for map

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  • Hearing assessment for children (0-16 years) and adults
  • Hearing aid prescription for children (0-16 years) and adults
  • Ear wax removal via microsuction (3 months-16 years) and adults
  • Auditory processing disorder assessment for children (7-16 years) and adults
  • Tinnitus assessment, information and advice
  • Noise protection devices, DIY plugs, swim plus, music plugs and sleep plugs for all age groups
  • Balance and/or dizziness assessment for children (7-16 years) and adults

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BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TODAY for an EXPERT AND IMPARTIAL ADVICE on your hearing or balance healthcare. We also offer tinnitus and wax removal services.

Appointments are available throughout the week and on some evening/weekends. Read more

Balance and dizziness service involves diagnostic tests on dizziness related issues, prevention of falls in elderly people, and management of dizziness and balance disorders (including Epley’s manoeuvre).

Our balance service is catered for children above 7 years of age and adults. The tests are performed by state-of-art equipment following a standardised protocol. Balance function tests (also called vestibular tests) provide information on how your inner ears and brain are processing information. We use the information from other sensory systems (visual and touch perception systems) to help us evaluate the body’s balance function.

For more information, visit or contact us P: 0330 2233 453; E:

Around 6 million people in UK (almost 10% of the population) suffer from hearing sounds that are coming from inside the body rather than from outside, that is, tinnitus. Tinnitus sounds can be buzzing, ringing, hissing, grinding, whistling etc. Most people hear these sounds in both ears but some will hear it only on one side.

Some professionals will, unfortunately, advise people that nothing can be done about tinnitus and that there is no cure. This is far from truth. There are plenty of management options that can be used to manage tinnitus and reduce tinnitus related anxiety and stress. Sometime tinnitus is a result of earwax, hearing loss or middle ear disorders (glue ear, otoscelerosis etc), which are treatable conditions.

If you hear bodily noises in your ear, contact us today for expert advice, assessment and management. P: 0330 2233 453; E:

  • I want to thank you for your tremendous patience, professionalism and guidance recently with my trial of hearing aids. Whilst they did not work for me, and purely down to me as I don't like things in my ears. You went to great lengths to explain, diagnose and work with me to try and find the right balance, all of these things which I feel is so important and you were fantastic. One never knows a few years on I may need to come back and that would be without any hesitation whatsoever. May I take this opportunity to thank you once again and I would also have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends, colleagues and family.

      Ann Mee

  • There's no way we could ever persuade my father in law to even go near a hearing aid. His less than impressive experience with the first one he ever tried many years ago had put him off for good. Or so we thought. A visit to Jay audiology last year changed that for ever. Dr. Jindal's sensitive and affable approach put him to ease in no time. Thanks to the excellent service and high quality equipment we received at his clinic, today my father in law enjoys his social and family life much more. The quality of his life and of those around him has improved remarkably. He is no longer in his own world cut off by hearing difficulties. Many thanks to Dr. Jindal, I cannot recommend him enough.

      Nishtha Chugh

  • I am now very well and cannot thank you enough for helping with my balance problems, which was effecting every aspect of my day to day life. After visiting you my full balance returned almost immediately within two days of the procedure and was glad to have my old confidence back. Having been unable to drive during this time of balance issues, I returned to driving within the week. I really don't know what I would have done if I hadn't been lucky enough to visit your clinic you truly are a miracle worker!!

      Samantha Boniface